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Development and application of ‘systems thinking’ principles for quality improvement
McNab, Duncan; McKay, John; Shorrock, Steven; Luty, Sarah; Bowie, Paul

Adrenal lesions found incidentally: how to improve clinical and cost-effectiveness
McNab, Duncan; McKay, John; Shorrock, Steven; Luty, Sarah; Bowie, Paul

Time to ACT: launching an Addiction Care Team (ACT) in an urban safety-net health system
Martin, Marlene; Snyder, Hannah R.; Coffa, Diana; Steiger, Scott; Clement, Joseph P.; Ranji, Sumant R.; Azari, Soraya; Nguyen, Oanh K.; Lum, Paula J.

Development of quality indicators for departments of hospital-based physiotherapy: a modified Delphi study
Steenbruggen, Rudi A.; van Oorsouw, Roel; Maas, Marjo; Hoogeboom, Thomas J.; Brand, Paul; van Der Wees, Philip

Writing’s on the wall: improving the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist
Cushley, Claire; Knight, Tom; Murray, Helen; Kidd, Lawrence

Driving quality improvement with a massive open online course (MOOC)
Guest, Cheryl; Wainwright, Philip; Herbert, Margaret; Smith, Iain Murray

Scoping review of balanced scorecards for use in healthcare settings: development and implementation
Bohm, Victoria; Lacaille, Diane; Spencer, Nicole; Barber, Claire E. H.

Improving physician handover documentation process for patient transfer from paediatric intensive care unit to general ward
Alali, Hamza; Antar, Mohannad; AlShehri, Ali; AlHamouieh, Ousaima; Al-Surimi, Khaled; Kazzaz, Yasser

Using telemedicine and wearable technology to establish a virtual clinic for people with Parkinson’s disease
Evans, Lauren; Mohamed, Biju; Thomas, Edward Christopher

Rapid implementation of virtual clinics due to COVID-19: report and early evaluation of a quality improvement initiative
Gilbert, Anthony William; Billany, Joe C. T.; Adam, Ruth; Martin, Luke; Tobin, Rebecca; Bagdai, Shiv; Galvin, Noreen; Farr, Ian; Allain, Adam; Davies, Lucy; Bateson, John

Community-based prehabilitation before elective major surgery: the PREP-WELL quality improvement project
Tew, Garry Alan; Bedford, Robin; Carr, Esther; Durrand, James William; Gray, Joanne; Hackett, Rhiannon; Lloyd, Scott; Peacock, Sarah; Taylor, Sarah; Yates, David; Danjoux, Gerard

Measure what we want: a taxonomy of short generic person-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs and PREMs)
Benson, Tim

Promoting hot debriefing in an emergency department
Gilmartin, Stephen; Martin, Laura; Kenny, Siobhain; Callanan, Ian; Salter, Nigel

Quality improvement report: setting up a staff well-being hub through continuous engagement
Saqib, Aaisha; Rampal, Tarannum

Team capital’ in quality improvement teams: findings from an ethnographic study of front-line quality improvement in the NHS
Montgomery, Catherine; Parkin, Stephen; Chisholm, Alison; Locock, Louise

Opioid stewardship: implementing a proactive, pharmacist-led intervention for patients coprescribed opioids and benzodiazepines at an urban academic primary care centre
Tilli, Tiana; Hunchuck, Jonathan; Dewhurst, Norman; Kiran, Tara

The next step in learning from sentinel events in healthcare
Bos, Kelly; Dongelmans, Dave A.; Greuters, Sjoerd; Kamps, Gert-Jan; van der Laan, Maarten J.

Rapid implementation and improvement of a virtual student placement model in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Twogood, Rory; Hares, Elly; Wyatt, Matthew; Cuff, Andrew

Improving knowledge translation for increased engagement and impact in healthcare
Eljiz, Kathy; Greenfield, David; Hogden, Anne; Taylor, Robyn; Siddiqui, Nazlee; Agaliotis, Maria; Milosavljevic, Marianna

Development of a hub and spoke model for quality improvement in rural and urban healthcare settings in India: a pilot study
Srivastava, Sushil; Datta, Vikram; Garde, Rahul; Singh, Mahtab; Sooden, Ankur; Pemde, Harish; Jain, Manish; Shivkumar, Poonam; Bang, Akash; Kumari, Prabha; Makhija, Sonia; Ravi, Tarun; Mehta, Sumita; Garg, Bishan Singh; Mehta, Rajesh