Editorial Board

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Helen Crisp, BA
Independent Consultant – Crisp QI
Declaration of Interests
Previously: Assistant Director of Research at the Health Foundation, Director of accreditation services and consultancy at CHKS Accreditation Unit
London, UK
Areas of expertise: Patient safety, Person-centred care, Quality improvement methods, Healthcare improvement research

Associate Editors

Dr Maria Agaliotis, PhD, MPH, B Soc Sci & B Nurs
University of Tasmania
Tasmania, Australia
Areas of expertise: Health Services Research, Occupational Health, Geriatrics, Epidemiology, Mixed Methods

Dr Aklak Choudhury, FRCP, MBBS, PG Med Cert
Royal Derby Hospital
Derby, UK
Areas of expertise: Respiratory Medicine, COPD, Ambulatory Care Medicine, Medical Education

Dr Kathy Eljiz, PhD
University of Tasmania
Tasmania, Australia
Areas of expertise: Health Service Management

Dr Sinead McGlacken-Byrne, MB BCh BAO M.Ed PGDip MRCPCH MRCPI
Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Areas of expertise: Child Health

Dr Hadjer Nacer, PhD
Imperial College London
London, UK
Areas of expertise: Patient-centred care, Patient safety, Pharmacists

Ekta Khemani, MD, MSc, FRCPC
McMaster University
Hamilton, Canada
Areas of expertise: Anaesthesia, Healthcare quality improvement, Management

Dr Navila Talib Chaudhry, MPharm, PhD
University College London
London, UK
Areas of expertise: Medication safety, patient safety, electronic health records, secondary use of data, quality improvement, mixed methods research and pharmacy

Editorial Board Members

Andrew Carson-Stevens
Cardiff University
Cardiff, UK

Cat Chatfield, PhD
Quality Improvement Editor, The BMJ
London, UK

Prestantia Health
Canberra, Australia

Aidan Fowler
Public Health Wales
Cardiff, UK

John Harden
Healthcare Quality and Improvement Directorate
Scottish Government
Edinburgh, UK

Fenna Heyning
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Marianne McPhearson
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Cambridge, USA

Jo-Inge Myhre
Akershus Universitetssykehus
Oslo, Norway

Annette Wind Oleson
Odense University Hospital
Odense, Denmark

Gareth Parry
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Cambridge, USA

Jennifer Perry
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
London, UK

Publishing Team

Acting Associate Publisher: Sandra Townsend

Publisher: Kathy Lyons