Table 3

Bivariate and multivariable logistic regressions for SSC use

VariablesBivariate logistic regressionMultivariable logistic regression
OR95% CIP valueaOR95% CIP value
Age0.960.93, 0.98<0.001
Type of surgery
 Emergency7.602.68, 31.9<0.0013.561.12, 15.80.050
Employer of providers
 PIH1.260.84, 1.910.31.610.98, 2.640.059
 Temporary0.300.13, 0.620.0020.600.25, 1.330.2
Time of the day
 Night2.651.78, 3.98<0.0012.151.37, 3.38<0.001
Anaesthetist cadre
 Bachelor’s degreeReference
 Diploma0.210.14, 0.32<0.0010.250.16, 0.40<0.001
  • Regression models for sex, healthcare worker cadre, name of the procedure and outcome were excluded due to perfect separation in the dataset. For example, all SSC use was on female, done by clinical officers/clinicians and was not caesarean.

  • p values that were significant are highlighted in bold.

  • aOR, adjusted OR; MOH, Ministry of Health; PIH, Partners In Health; SSC, Surgical Safety Checklist.