Table 2

Illustrative examples of the seven categories of positive behaviours identified in Ethos feedback for Recognition submissions

Categories of positive behavioursNo of reports (%)Illustrative examples
Event descriptionProfession of positive agentProfession of submitter
Notable non-technical skills947 (79.3)“(deleted) has consistently been a wonderful team player in (deleted), especially during the COVID transitions of wards. He always has a positive attitude and always willing to go above and beyond to help his colleagues. (deleted) has excellent communication with us, which in turn allows us to provide the best care for our patients”PharmacyPharmacy
Values-driven behaviour866 (72.5)“(deleted) is such a compassionate nurse towards all patients and colleagues. (deleted) had a (deleted) family who were frustrated and upset at (deleted) due to a misunderstanding, and was able to deescalate the situation while making the family at ease and provide support. She goes out of her way to provide genuine empathy and care to patients and families.”NurseNurse
Patient care delivery and performance612 (51.3)“(deleted) has assisted me with a number of patients within the hospital. (deleted) has always offered to assist with patients, particularly who are CALD patients and are often quite vulnerable due to language barriers. (deleted) has always delivered patient centred care with kindness and respect. (deleted) is a very thoughtful nurse who always going above and beyond to help me whenever she can with patients. (deleted) is an amazing nurse and a true player”NurseAllied Health
Leadership, teaching or coaching skills231 (19.4)“As a trainee I had a very difficult morning… (deleted) was incredibly supportive. He gave advice and constructive feedback. He was reassuring and allowed me time to make some notes and offered me the opportunity to repeat a practice examination. As a supervisor, (deleted) went over and above to help make a difficult day much easier”MedicalTrainee (Medical)
Overcompensating for gaps97 (8.1)“Stepped up when short of staff, helped out in kitchen and laundry”Allied HealthAllied Health
Advocacy for other people74 (6.2)“(deleted) came in to the hospital yesterday evening, despite not being on call, to advocate for a critically unwell (deleted) patient under the (deleted) that she knew well from a (deleted). She … accompanied the patient to theatre in the morning to explain the patient’s complex medical history to the treating doctors”MedicalMedical
Notable technical skills45 (3.8)“My colleagues and I had exhausted all options with other support teams, until our case was escalated to (deleted). (deleted) was calm and patient over the phone, but was also extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He resolved our technical issue just before we were about to give up. (deleted) should be commended for his amazing work.”Other non-clinicalAllied Health