Table 2

Population and setting of services involved with each round of testing

Development stagePopulation and setting
First phase pilot testing
  • Rehabilitation (community)

  • Health coaching (community and outpatient)

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (community and outpatient)

  • Adult mental health (community)

Second phase pilot testing
  • Parkinson’s disease (community and outpatient)

  • Diabetes (outpatient)

  • Stroke rehabilitation (community)

  • Frailty (community)

  • Primary care network×4

Final surveys and report structure
  • Medications management (outpatient and community)

  • Musculoskeletal (outpatient)

  • Frailty (acute and community)

  • Older persons mental health (inpatient)×2

  • Adult mental health (inpatient)×2

  • Dietetics (outpatient and community)

  • Matrons/nursing (community)

  • Midwifery (outpatient and community)

  • Primary care×2