Table 4

Findings 3 years after the implementation of the GC method

Still active, but in need of revitalisationContinuing to facilitate open communicationContribution to increased information about the patient safety incidents
Focus on improving the system
Expressing a desire for more interprofessional collaboration regarding improvementsJoint quality improvement meetings increase shared understanding
A challenging collaboration among the healthcare professionals regarding the quality improvement work across units
An untapped potential in the collaboration with the anaesthesiologists
Increasing reluctance to reportReduced motivation due to inadequate quality improvements in and outside the PACU
Not all incidents need to be reported
Downscaling due to the pandemicInsufficient time
Extremely exhausted
Avoiding worsening the matters
Expressing a desire to share more of what went wellGreater focus on excellent work
Learning from what went well may improve patient safety
  • PACU, postanaesthesia care unit.