Table 3

List of outcome and process measures

Outcome measures (KPIs)Process measures (KPIs)
Inpatient experienceCompliance with PFAC.
(Numerator ‘no of annual PFAC meetings’/denominator ‘8 meetings per year’×100)
Outpatient experiencePercentage of staff who had empathy training
(Numerator ‘no of trained registration and nursing staff’/denominator ‘total no of registration and nursing staff’”×100)
Percentage of staff recognition for PX
(Numerator ‘no of recognised staff for PX’/denominator ‘total no of staff who were mentioned in patient’s positive comment’×100)
Emergency room (ER) patient experiencePercentage of leadership-patient interviews
(Numerator ‘no of rounds that included patient interviews by leaders’/denominator ‘total no of conducted rounds’×100)
Percentage of appointed PX champions
(Numerator ‘no of appointed PX champions’/denominator ‘total no of planned PX champions’×100)
  • KPIs, key performance inidcators; PFAC, patient and family advisory council.