Table 1

Key features for definition of a quality improvement collaborative

FeatureDescription of key featureCriteria for key feature
 MulticentreAn approach that involves teams from a planned no of different sitesAt least three sites contribute from start to end of the project
 QI objective/need for improvementEvidence that provides the rationale for the QI intervention and which informs the objectiveAn explanation of the problem, reasons or assumptions that were used to develop the project and reasons why the project was expected to work
 Outcome measuresA defined set of outcome measures. These could focus on structure, process or (patient) outcome quality indicatorsData on measures are collected at two or more points in time to show a change (from baseline)
 Expert teamQI facilitation by an expert team by providing sites with training in QI theory and methodsSites have at least two sessions with the expert team during the planning and intervention phases of project
 Networking among sitesStructured activities where teams come together to share learning, methods, ideas and experiencesSites have at least two networking sessions/activities to share knowledge and experiences.
 Data sharingA model for improvement where data is fed back and informs small scale change within the individual teamsA description of data sharing methods
  • QI, quality improvement.