Table 2

Comparison between groups for outcomes of diagnostic pathway concordance and incorrect steps at baseline, after interventions and for differences between preassessments and postassessments

Decision support groupDidactic review groupP value
Diagnostic pathway concordance (range 0–1; score of 1 indicating perfect adherence to EBM guidelines)
 Baseline measure scenarios 1–50.730.710.63
 Post measure scenarios 1–50.900.850.21
 Post measure scenarios 6–100.890.840.34
 Difference between baseline and post measure for scenarios 1–
Number of incorrect diagnostic steps
 Baseline measure scenarios 1–50.560.640.44
 Post measure scenarios 1–50.210.370.17
 Post measure scenarios 6–100.210.530.21
 Difference between baseline and post measure for scenarios 1–50.350.270.50
  • EBM, Evidence Based Medicine.