Table 1

PROM and PREM structures

Validated scoring toolNo of questionsMin scoreMax scoreThreshold for a suboptimal scoreInterpretation
↑ score
Social supportSIMSS103Score≤1↑ Social support
 Health-related quality of lifePROMIS-10101050Total score ≤19 and/or pain score ≥3↑ Quality of life
 Mental health
 ScreeningPHQ-2206↑ Depression risk
 Follow-upEPDS10030Total score ≥10 and/or question 10 ≥2↑ Depression risk
 Urinary incontinence (UI)
 Follow-upICIQ-SF3021Total score ≥6↑ Severity UI
 Anal incontinence (AI)
 Follow-upWexner5020Question 1, 2, 3 or 5 ≥1↑ Severity AI
 Pain with intercoursePROMIS_
105Score ≥2↑ Impact of pain
 Role confidenceN/A115Score ≤2↑ Confidence
 Birth experienceBSS-R10040Total score <25↑ Better experience
 Satisfaction with careN/A104Score ≤1↑ Satisfied
 HCR and shared decision makingN/A8016One or more questions answered with 0↑ Better experience
 Continuity of careN/A3012One or more questions answered with 1↑ Better experience
 Pain reliefN/A206Question 1=0 and/or question 2 ≤1↑ Better experience
 Partner involvementN/A2010One or more questions answered with 1↑ Better experience
  • Grey shade are dependent questions: EPDS is asked if mental health screening with PHQ-2 ≥3, ICIQ-SF if urinary incontinence screening question=1, Wexner if anal incontinence screening question=1.

  • Continuity of care, pain relief, partner involvement and four questions in healthcare responsiveness and shared decision making were Dutch additions to the ICHOM standard set.

  • BSS-R, Birth Satisfcation Scale-Revised; EPDS, Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale; HCR, healthcare responsiveness; ICHOM, International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement; ICIQ-SF, International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire-Short Form; N/A, not available; PHQ-2, Patient Health Questionnaire; PREM, patient-reported experience measure; PROM, patient-reported outcome measure; PROMIS, Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System; SFFAC102, Sexual Function and Satisfaction; SIMMS, Single Item Measure of Social Supports.