Table 1

Characteristics of heart failure patients (N=7) with adherence monitoring values during 4 weeks of observation

Demographic dataValue
N (%)Mean±SDMin-max
 Male3 (43)
 Living alone4 (57)
 Age (years)82.1±11.161–95
 NT-proBNP (pg/mL)*2447±3153102–8561
 No of medicines9.3±2.66–14
 No of HF medicines3.7±1.32–6
 Daily pill burden12.0±3.76–17
Medication adherence
 Adequate adherence4 (57)
 Drug holidays0 (0)
 Taking adherence (%)86.4±12.867–100
 Timing adherence (%)85.9±13.863–100
 Correct dosing-days (%)69.1±23.936–100
  • *NT-proBNP values were available for N=6 patients; one patient died before the value was assessed.

  • HF, heart failure; NT-proBNP, N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide.