Table 4

Barriers and enablers to ongoing participation in the National Stroke Audit

Time taken to collect and enter data8487.5
Inconsistency of entering data (between staff members or sites)4142.7
Lack of local system for ensuring data is used in quality improvement2526.0
Delay between patient care and getting report2425.0
Lack of incentives to participate1818.8
Too long between audit cycles (2 years)1515.6
The data analysis does not provide meaningful or useful data1313.5
Not mandated1111.5
Lack of recognition of good performance1010.4
Problems with technology88.3
Lack of trust in how the data is used11.0
Other (free text)2222.9
 Staffing issues with carrying out audits and data entry99.4
 Audit not reflective of health service practices66.3
 Wording of questions: not nuanced enough or too much jargon33.1
Allows benchmarking with other/similar services8083.3
Allows monitoring and improvement in patient care7679.2
Identifies issues for quality improvement activities7578.1
Analysis and reports provided free6769.8
Support in quality improvement activities6567.7
Can be used in hospital accreditation4142.7
Only need to enter data every 2 years1818.8
New national and international awards recognising achievement1616.7
No benefits11.0
Other (free text)44.2