Table 3

Attitudes towards the Audit (agreement with statements in survey)

Statement in surveyAgree/strongly agree
Participating in the Audit provides useful information to monitor the quality of stroke care8486.6
Participating in the Audit helps improve the quality of stroke care at my hospital7779.4
The Audit data accurately reflect clinical practice6466.0
The Audit is time consuming for staff8284.5
The burden of participating in the Audit exceeds the benefits gained*4142.3
Results from the Audit are easy to understand7678.4
Audit results allow comparisons between my hospital and other hospitals8082.5
I trust the way the Stroke Foundation carries out and reports on the Audit8587.6
I am aware of the target benchmarks for key performance indicators8688.7
At my site, issues identified in the Audit are targeted for improvement8183.5
It is important that my hospital participates in the Audit8385.6
The National Stroke Audit programme should continue to be used8284.5
  • *Negative statement: ‘Neither agree nor disagree’ included with ‘strongly agree’ and ‘agree’ in data presented in table.