Table 3

Prediction model of postoperative pain and sng on physical and mental health-related quality of life (n=208)

Physical component scoreMental component score
VariablesBSEP valueBSEP value
Back pain0.220.430.62−0.240.380.54
Leg pain−0.670.370.080.040.330.91
Back sng−0.150.370.69−0.670.320.04
Leg sng0.260.350.46−0.090.310.76
Controlled for
 Male sex0.791.230.520.081.110.94
 Duration of symptoms0.110.190.590.110.170.51
 ODI score−0.410.05<0.001−0.170.05<0.001
 Analgesic use−0.960.500.590.581.520.70
 Preoperative PCS/MCS−<0.001
 Disc herniation0.612.190.780.591.930.76
 Spondylotic stenosis2.751.660.101.601.450.27
  • Quality of life was measured by RAND 36-item Short Form Health Survey.

  • Adjusted R2=0.53 for physical component score and 0.35 for mental component score.

  • BMI, body mass index; mCCI, Modified Charlson Comorbidity Index; MCS, mental component score; ODI, Oswestry Disability Index; PCS, physical component summary.