Table 1

Timing of task before and after institution of electronic intensive care charts

TaskAverage time taken on paper chart (minutes)Average time taken on electronic chart (minutes)Time saved (minutes) per actionMinimum time saved (minutes)/patient/day*
Daily tasks
NursingCreation of new daily ICU chart11min16 s uninterrupted
26 interrupted
Record set of observations2 min 5 s1 min 40 s25 s10
Calculate input and output volumes57 s057 s23
Calculate cerebral perfusion pressure5 s0NegligibleNegligible
Calculate minute volume5 s0NegligibleNegligible
Other staffWard clerks filing paper chartsRange 5–10 min055
Non-routine tasks
Research study data collection10–20 min/patient/day010–2010
Retrieving notes for complaints48 hours–several weeks048 hours–several weeksNA
  • *The recording of observations and calculation of input and output volumes are done at least once per hour, the total time spent on these tasks is recorded per day. Some tasks are only performed once a day.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; NA, not available.