Table 1

Participant characteristics (n=12)

CharacteristicParticipants (n=12)
Hospital geographical region:
 Rural (<1 00 000 population)6
 Urban (>5 00 000 population)6
Project physician champion (led the project)10
Project physician supporter (supported a physician champion)2
Years of clinical experience:
 Greater than 10 years7
Years of formal administrative or leadership experience:
 Less than 10 years8
Familiarity of coalition:
Familiarity of lab test ordering overuse and BUN test overuse:
Pre-project QI knowledge and application:
Pre-project QI leadership experience:
Coalition supported QI knowledge and application:
Post-project change in QI knowledge and application or QI leadership:
Would you participate in a QI project supported by the coalition in the future?
 Yes response11
 Not applicable response1
  • BUN, blood urea nitrogen; QI, quality improvement.