Table 2


Descriptive indexed codes from transcriptsFramework themesDefined domain of indigenous patient experience
Community; cost; impact on life; access to technology; travelTime; Choice; BarriersAccess—The ability to engage in health services. Examines the structural limitations and personal factors that determine the degree to which healthcare is interacted with
Feedback; health advocate; comprehensive, respect; patience; feeling valued; passionateCommunication; Empathy; TrustRelationships—the development of connections between patients and providers that contribute to healthcare experiences
Flexibility; convenience; person-centred; holisticReminders; Follow-up; AccommodationQuality—attributes of healthcare that are regarded by patients and physicians as contributing to a high standard of care
Discrimination; trauma; privacy; reconciliation; consistency
(physical safety from COVID-19)
Autonomy; Trust; ContinuitySafety—actions, policies and environments that make patients feel comfortable when engaging in care. Encompasses not only physical safety, but emotional and cultural safety