Table 2

Attributes of participants in the field work phase: nurse, family caregiver and patient

No.ParticipantAge (year)GenderEducationDuration of participation in home care
1Nurse31MaleB.S10 years
2Nurse35FemaleB.S7 years
3Nurse (supervisor)31MaleM.S15 years
4Family (wife of patient)56FemaleB.S3 years
5Family (brother of patient)46MaleM.A6 months
6Family (husband of patient)78MaleB.A2 years
7Patient51MaleB.A1 year
8Patient61FemaleDiploma2 years
9Patient71MaleB.A1.5 years
  • B.A, bachelor of arts; B.S, bachelor of science; Supervisor, Home care nursing manager.