Table 3

Attributes related to the concept of patient safety in home care

Categories of attributes of the conceptSubcategories of attributes of the conceptSome concepts obtained from studies
Evaluative and preventive processIdentifying environmental hazards
Identifying patient threats
Continuous risk assessment
Risk prevention and control
Gershon et al 28 identified patient safety in home care and considered it as a continuous identification of the conditions and risks in the home
Gershon et al 26 considered identification of patient threats at home as a key attribute
Tong et al 37 referred to the concept of prevention and assessment with timely intervention for safety
Multidimensional and complex processPhysical dimension
Emotional dimension
Social dimension
Functional dimension
Lang et al 32 in their results emphasised the multidimensionality of the concept of physical, emotional, social and functional safety
Demiris et al 30 in their study emphasised the multidimensionality of safety at home physically, emotionally and environmentally
Participatory careFamily participation
Nurse participation
Patient participation
Relationship between involved members
Lang et al 32stated that patients played an essential role in self-care and therefore should be part of the patient’s safety discourse
Lang et al 32 mentioned that healthcare providers should involve clients, families and caregivers in deciding the type, amount and time of home care required to provide appropriate and responsive care
Mirjam et al 35 mentioned that the safety performance of home care services depends on the closest family members to the elderly
Culture of patient safety in home careSafety training and learning
Understanding of safety
Showing safety behaviour
Competence of caregivers
Berland et al 29 referred to culture of patient safety in home care as the existence of care routines, updating procedures and knowledge and training among healthcare workers and implementation in care
Ree and Wiig39 considered culture of patient safety as the product of values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies and patterns of individual and group behaviour
Gershon et al 28considered training home healthcare professionals to increase their knowledge and skills for home care
Lang et al 32 mentioned human resource challenges and competency as key issues for home care safety