Table 1

Definitions of terminologies

DashboardElectronic analytics tool to monitor key performance indicators by displaying outcomes, progress, deficiencies in an organisation13 16
Automated monitoringIntegration of patients routine monitoring and EHRs by transmitting measurements directly from monitoring machine to patients’ charts and continuously calculating and updating NEWS2.38 39
Electronic Prescribing for Medicine AdministrationElectronic system to facilitate the communication of a prescription, aiding the choice, administration, and supply of a medicine through decision support.40
Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation toolA communication tool including, Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation; for structuring conversations between doctors and nurses about situations requiring attention41
Sepsis 6A structured care bundle for patients with sepsis including blood cultures, check full blood count and lactate, intravenous fluid challenge, intravenous antibiotics, monitor urine output and give oxygen.42
  • EHR, electronic health record; NEWS2, National Early Warning Score.