Table 2

Measurements and results

TOC/core interventionMeasureOperational definitionBaseline %Outcome %
Aim: Increase Clostridium difficile prevention 25% at this urban hospital over 90 days
Antimicrobial stewardshipData transparency audit tool and feedback for utilising best practice/protocol for treatment of UTIsProcess:# of charts audited / # of patients with urinary tract infections weekly480.5
Outcome:Mean score of best practice40.4
Postdischarge comprehension auditProcess:# of completed surveys / # of patients discharged with C. diff0100
Outcome:Mean score of comprehension26
Environmental SafetyObservation survey checklist using environmental toolProcess:# of times tool was used / # of encounters35100
Outcome:Mean score of environmental safety44
Balancing measureActual time collecting and implementing data/required time
456 hours