Table 1

Themes of improvement activities—including local plans

Themes of improvement activities—local planTromsøNamsosTrondheimMoldeGjøvikTønsbergHaugesund
General changes
 Discuss the quality improvement project in staff meetingsXXXXXXX
 Use the videos for internal teachingXXXXXXX
 Improve inclusion routines to the registerXXXX
 Review of literatureX
 Training at another hospitalX
 Fewer operators performing tonsillectomyX
 Stricter use of indications for tonsil surgeryXX
Changes in surgical procedures
 Increase in the use of cold dissection techniques for tonsillectomyXXXXXXX
 Decrease the use of diathermy for haemostasisXXXX
 More time for compression to achieve haemostasisXXXXX
 Increase tonsillotomy in childrenX
 Order new equipment for cold dissectionXXXXX
 Standardised surgical instrumentsXXX
  • Activities and changes implemented by hospitals as a means to reduce the readmission rate due to post-tonsillectomy haemorrhage.