Table 2

FIT return before and after mailed FIT programme implementation

Intervention phaseTotal ordered/mailedTotal returned 90 days
n (%)
Total positive
n (%)
Central CaliforniaPremailed FIT1259492 (39)49 (9.9)
Mailed FIT36351277 (35)88 (6.9)
Puget SoundPremailed FIT1510725 (48)87 (12)
Mailed FIT2022672 (33)58 (8.6)
  • To capture routine care, we identified ordered and returned FIT kits from 3 to 6 months prior to the implementation of the MFPs (ie, premailed FIT above). 90-day return rates are shown for the pre-MFP and post-MFP implementation.

  • FIT, faecal immunochemical test; MFP, mailed FIT programme.