Table 1

List of QI project KPI measures, their definitions and benchmarks

MeasureQI project KPI measuresDefinitionBenchmark %
OutcomeICSI Implantation rate 25 case average (combined cleavage and blastocyst embryos)Number of fetal hearts/total number of embryos transferred>25%
ProcessICSI damage rateNumber of degenerated eggs/number of metaphase II (MII) mature eggs injected<10%
ProcessICSI normal fertilisation rateNumber of eggs with 2PN and 2PB/number of MII eggs injected>65%
BalancingProportion of MII oocytes at ICSINumber of MII eggs at ICSI/number of eggs collected for ICSI75%–90%
BalancingAverage number of eggs collected for ICSI casesAverage number of eggs collected for ICSIn/a
BalancingAverage maternal age ICSI casesAverage maternal age of ICSI patientsn/a
  • ICSI, intracytoplasmic sperm injection; KPI, key performance indicator; QI, quality improvement.