Table 2

Description of correct and nearly correct answers and overall scores by discharge type*

ScenariosUsual discharge correct (n=151)POST-BIRTH discharge correct (n=183)P value correctUsual discharge nearly correct
POST-BIRTH discharge nearly correct (n=183)P value nearly correct
Overall score30%60%p<0.00180%90%p<0.001
Scenarios related to the POST† portion of the flyer
(P) It’s 10 o’clock at night and you just put your newborn to bed. You noticed a pain in your chest that does not go away despite laying down and taking TUMS. It seems to be getting worse55 (36.4)100 (54.6)p<0.001144 (96.7)180 (98.4)p=0.110
(O) You’re taking a walk outside and you notice that you are becoming increasingly short of breath. You have to stop to catch your breath before continuing.36 (23.8)69 (37.7)p=0.007119 (78.8)155 (84.7)p=0.163
(S) Your friend has come over to visit the new baby. Mid conversation your friend notices that you start to have uncontrolled convulsions and you cannot answer his or her questions. When you recover, you friend describes what happened.121 (80.1)154 (84.2)p=0.338148 (98.0)179 (97.8)p=0.889
(T) You love your newborn but you’ve become increasingly frustrated over the lack of sleep and things do not seem to be getting better. Sometimes you have thoughts of hurting yourself or your baby29 (19.2)69 (37.7)p<0.001129 (85.4)174 (95.1)p=0.002
Scenarios related to the BIRTH‡ portion of the flyer
(B) Your bleeding has improved over the last few days but now you notice that you are soaking through more than 1 pad/hour and are passing large clots. You otherwise feel fine.61 (40.4)150 (82.0)p<0.001146 (96.7)180 (98.4)p=0.320
(I) You had a cesarean delivery or vaginal repair and you notice that the pain has not improved or there is foul smelling discharge. It does not seem like things are getting better.41 (27.2)161 (88.0)p<0.001135 (89.4)172 (94.0)p=0.126
(R) You put your feet up at the end of a long day and you realize that your right leg is bigger than the other, is painful or warm compared to the left leg but you know that some swelling after delivery is normal.48 (31.8)119 (65.0)p<0.001124 (81.0)176 (96.2)p<0.001
(T) You’re not feeling well and so you take your temperature. It reads>100.4.53 (35.1)121 (66.1)p<0.001132 (87.4)175 (95.6)p=0.006
(H) You’ve noticed that you have a headache. Despite taking Tylenol and getting in a nap, you still wake up with a headache and sometimes you even have spots in your vision58 (38.4)147 (80.3)p<0.001140 (92.7)179 (97.8)p=0.025
  • Data are presented as n (%).

  • *Correct answers: defined as contacting emergency services for the scenarios related to the POST portion of the flyer and contacting a provider immediately for those pertaining to the BIRTH portion of the flyer; Nearly correct answers: defined as contacting either emergency services or a provider immediately for any of the POST-BIRTH scenarios.

  • †POST scenarios: Pain in chest, obstructed breathing, seizures or thoughts of harm.

  • ‡BIRTH scenarios: Bleeding, incision complications, red or swollen leg, temperature elevation or persistent headache.