Table 1

Culture of safety scales

Scale nameCronbach’s alphaItems
Local learning activities0.69
  1. No matter how well we are doing, we continue to monitor for potential problems.

  2. I know how well my team is doing on safety because we review the data.

  3. My supervisor used the feedback from the employee engagement survey to make positive changes for our work group.

Trust in team members0.87
  1. When problems occur, people are encouraged to contribute to a solution.

  2. People I work with understand how I can help solve problems.

  3. Disagreements within my team are resolved appropriately (ie, not who is right, but what is best for the patient or organisation).

  4. There are consequences for using disparaging language or behaviours towards another staff member.

  5. When someone indicates a problem that might happen in the future, he/she is encouraged to explore it.

Trust in leadership0.85
  1. When people bring problems to managers, the problems get solved.

  2. Supervisors and colleagues admit when we are wrong.

  3. I know who to go to if I think there is a problem.

  4. My leaders tell me what to be aware of so I can anticipate problems.

  5. When problems occur, our organisation responds quickly and appropriately.