Table 1

Questionnaire validity statistics (created by the authors; BMJ has permission to reproduce)

ConstructValidation questionnaireDistribution questionnaireZ
User values compatibility82000.840.8230.817 to 0.8284340.830.8320.807 to 0.8550.48
Workflow compatibility81800.770.7660.759 to 0.7744330.730.7280.687 to 0.766−1.82
Implementation climate81620.840.8420.837 to 0.8484310.860.8630.842 to 0.8821.17
  • Fisher's combined p=0.17.

  • ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; N, completed responses; Z, z-score of comparison of ICC across questionnaire versions (final—validation); α, Cronbach’s alpha.