Table 2

Questionnaire response summaries (created by the authors; BMJ has permission to reproduce)

ConstructValidation questionnaireDistribution questionnaireMeta-analytic average
NMeanMean 95% CINMeanMean 95% CII2MeanMean 95% CI
User values compatibility820029.429.3 to 29.543426.526.1 to 27.00.99*28.025.1 to 30.8
Workflow compatibility†818020.120.0 to 20.243320.119.6 to 20.50.0020.120.0 to 20.2
Implementation climate816223.323.1 to 23.443123.222.7 to 23.70.0023.223.1 to 23.4
  • The values of compatibility scales scores are significantly different between the validation questionnaire and the distribution questionnaire. We anticipated our changes would address any social desirability bias.

  • *Significant heterogeneity.

  • †Values rescaled by 7/8 in the validation version to correct for differing scale maxima (40 validation vs 35 distribution).

  • I2, empirical Bayes meta-analysis heterogeneity coefficient; n, completed.