Table 2

Case studies under the theme of ‘Practice’

Case study—PracticeDescription
Advanced practice teamThe creation of an advanced practice team led by a nurse consultant, expanding the clinical services offered to patients with frailty during COVID-19.
Creating a communication open doorDeveloping new and enhanced means of communicating with families, staff and professional colleagues to support delivery of person-centred care on a COVID-19 unit.
Enhanced care—a new modelRedesigning the model of inpatient care and expanding admission criteria to meet the needs of patients requiring enhanced care, and in particular those with associated cognitive impairment/dementia. Offering training to people who had been furloughed in order to help staff the service.
Enhanced leadership to support a move to a 7-day serviceA strengthening of leadership at every level enabled a 7-day service to be offered, increasing patients’ access to rehabilitation and resulting in reduced lengths of stay.
System impact of organisational innovationTo provide a safe, effective response to the pandemic through innovation and research. The pandemic challenged every member of every team to innovate to support delivery of safe, effective services.
Relocating cancer careA cancer care unit, including an infusion unit, was relocated successfully from an acute hospital to a community hospital, offering patients who were typically immune-suppressed a local facility, thereby avoiding the secondary care facility.
Offering 7-day rehabilitationPhysiotherapists and occupational therapists were able to offer a 7-day rehabilitation service to inpatients when clinics closed in the pandemic. This impacted on the quality of care to patients and resulted in less time spent in hospital.