Table 1

First PDSA cycle (July 2021)

  • To educate Staffs on proper use of paediatric fall assessment form (Humpty Dumpty fall chart) and fall risk categorisation and fall prevention advice after risk assessment

Root cause analysis highlighted that there was no uniformity in the use of fall risk assessment form, documentation and the fall prevention advice given.QI team
  • Humpty dumpty fall chart were printed out and staffs were educated to use it in a uniform way and to document the risk category in patient file

  • One hour presentation was given to the ward staffs and paediatric residents covering fall prevention advices to be given to the patient and their attendants

QI team
Ward nurses Residents
  • The fall incident rate for July was studied. There was no decline in the fall incidence rate

  • Patient’s charts were reviewed

  • Lack of attention to patients at high risk of fall was identified as one of the cause of inpatient falls in our ward

QI team
  • Called a meeting with all the QI members

  • Reviewed all the fall incidents form

  • Discussed about interventions which can help in providing special/extra attention to high risk of fall patients.

QI team
  • QI, quality improvement.