Table 1

Quantitative data collected and reasons for collecting this data

Type of dataReason for collecting this data
Number of patients with PD within each service and the percentage of patients within each service that had a PDTo understand and guide where to prioritise improvement efforts
The average length of care in Community Mental Health Teams for patients with PDTo understand how long this patient group were under the care of Community Mental Health Teams to inform whether they needed further support here
Number of patients with PD that received an evidence-based therapyTo understand which therapies were being utilised and the number of patients in Community Mental Health Teams that go onto receive an evidence-based therapy to establish whether access to therapies was an area of improvement that needed to be prioritised
Waiting Times for the Complex Needs Service*To determine if this should be prioritised as an area for improvement and whether change ideas should include providing additional support for those on waiting lists
  • *We also collected waiting times for the Psychological Therapies Service, but as we were unable to collect PD specific waiting times we have not presented these here.

  • PD, personality disorder.