Table 1

Characteristics of the participating 17 radiology specialists and one radiology registrar

CharacteristicsNo. of participants
Median age, years (range)47(37–64)
Years of experience in radiology, no. (%)
 ≤5 years1(6)
 6–10 years8(44)
 11–20 years4(22)
 21–30 years5(28)
Years of experience reading rectal MRI, no. (%)
 0 years5(28)
 1–2 years5(28)
 3–5 years6(23)
 6–10 years2(11)
Regular attendance in rectal cancer MDT meetings, no. (%)
Plans of running rectal cancer MDT meetings, no. (%)
  • MDT, multidisciplinary team.