Table 1

Characteristics of consensus panel

CharacteristicParticipants, % (N) N=41
Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research (EA, EK*, CM, RS, SD*, TC*)14.6 (6)
Emergency Medical Services for Children (CM, CN, EL, HH, MGH)12.2 (5)
Quality Experts from National Professional Societies26.8 (11)
 American Academy of Family Physicians (DF)
 American Academy of Pediatrics (RP, SJ)
 American College of Emergency Physicians (IB, JA, KG)
 American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (AJ)
 Emergency Nurses Association (RK, SS)
 National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials (AV)
 Pediatric Trauma Society (LG)
Quality Improvement Data Registries (BM)2.4 (1)
Health System Networks4.9 (2)
 US Acute Care Solutions (SI)
 Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) Healthcare (AY)
Regulatory body2.4 (1)
 The Joint Commission (TE)
Federal partners4.9 (2)
 Health Resources and Services Administration (LL)
 National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, Office of Emergency Medical Services (EC)
Physician specialty65.9 (27)
 Paediatric emergency medicine (CM, HH, LA, MG, RP, RS, SI, SJ)
 Emergency medicine (BM, CN, IB, JA, JL†, KG, KS†)
 Trauma (AJ)
 Family medicine (DF)
 Behavioural health* (BZ, EK, JH, KD, NU, SD, SP, SR, TC, VF)
Nursing background19.5 (8)
 Emergency medicine (AR†, AY, BW, CR, CT, DG, RK, SS)
 Trauma (CT, LG, SS)
Practice in low-volume ED setting (AR†, AY, CT, DG, JL†, KG, KS†)17.1 (7)
  • Panellist affiliations are listed in online supplemental appendix A.

  • *Arm 2 panellist, members of the Emergency Medicine Quality Improvement Collaborative for Kids (EMQUICK). Co-chaired by Drs Susan Duffy and Tom Chun, EMQUICK works collaboratively to assist in the development and implementation of rigorous, evidence-based quality improvement measures for paediatric mental healthcare in EDs.

  • †Measurement feasibility assessment in low-volume EDs.

  • EDs, emergency departments .