Table 1

Characteristics of the sample and patient safety culture outcomes (N=300)

Age (years)
 ≥30 years8729.3
Marital status
 Widowed and others165.4
Level of education
 Diploma level4114.1
 Baccalaureate degree23279.7
 Master’s degree186.2
Work area/unit where respondents spend most of their work time
Experience in current hospital (years)
 <1 year5518.5
 1–5 years15351.3
 ≥6 years9030.2
Experience in the current work area (years)
 <1 year5919.8
 1–5 years16254.4
 ≥6 years7725.8
Number of years working in the current profession
 <1 year5016.7
 1–5 years15953.0
 ≥6 years9130.3
Number of worked hours/week
 <40 hours11338.4
 40–49 hours14950.7
The job involves direct contact with patients
  • The overall mean of patient safety culture components was 3.40 (SD=0.36), and the overall mean of patient safety outcomes was 3.17 (SD=0.53).

  • *Some totals did not equal 300 because of missing values.