Table 1

Improvement cycles

PDSA cyclePlan/predictionDoStudyActTime required
BaselineKP1: 50%
KP2: 8.9 days
A1Establish quiet IDM reporting hours
Without interruption from colleagues (inc. by urgent tasks and telephone calls from customers) IDM reporting scientists able to focus on reporting - better KPIs
Two sets of 1 hour quiet reporting sessions (10:00–11:00 and 14:00–15:00)
Live on 06/04/2021
KP1: 71%
KP2: 8.1 days
Team preferred a longer quiet reporting session rather than two separate sessions: Worthwhile improvement, but refine: agree new quiet time4 weeks
A2Consolidate quiet IDM reporting hours
This would be more effective and satisfactory for staff
One 2 hour quiet reporting session (13:00–15:00)
Remind team about quiet time.
Live on 04/05/2021
KP1: 78%
KP2: 6.4 days
Worthwhile improvement.
Retain as permanent change.
4 weeks
BConvert the manual paper worklist to an automated electronic version
Removing NNVA (manual administrative steps) will produce faster TaT
Create automated business intelligence worklist of all samples for reporting
Train team on the new worklist
Live on 01/06/2021
KP1: 77%
KP2: 6.7 days
No material change in the KPIs.
Technical issues encountered.
Eliminated manual admin steps – worthwhile (anyway): Retain as permanent change.
4 weeks
CUse RAG status column on the electronic worklist for overview of progress & actions required
Better prioritisation of workload—samples not overlooked so fewer breaches of TaT target
Add RAG status to worklist.
Train team
Live on 28/06/2021
KP1: 88%
KP2: 5.5 days
Worthwhile improvement.
Retain as permanent change.
4 weeks
(and 5 weeks sustain)
  • IDM, infectious disease monitoring; KPI or KP, key performance indicator; NNVA, necessary non-value added; RAG, Red/Amber/Green; TaT, turnaround time.