Table 2

Water testing of dental unit water (dental room 2) using distilled water and distilled water supplied by vendor

ParametersSSDWQDental room 2 (DW)
21July 2020
Main source (DW)
24 August 2020
Total coliform (cfu1)0 cfu/100 mL>5000<1
Faecal coliform (cfu1)0 cfu/100 mL>1700<1
Escherichia coli (cfu1)0 cfu/100 mL>500<1
Colour (TCU2)<15.0<0.1<0.1
Turbidity (NTU3)<5.08.930.75
TH as CaCO3 (mg/L)<500.0102.0<0.8
Three times a day (mg/L)<1000.0319.50.8
pH value (SU)6.5–8.56.677.35
  • DW, distilled water; PSS:N/O, non-objectionable; SSDWQ, Sindh Standard Drinking Water Quality; TDS, total dissolved solids; TH, total hardness.