Table 1

CP Initiatives and Compliance Scoring Metric

CP Standardised
Compliance Score points
IntraoperativeUse of dual antibiotics (vancomycin and cefazolin) at the time of VAD implant1
Velour positioning 1 cm from exit site1
Two internal sutures used to secure the driveline (4–0 Vicryl); two external staples for skin closure at driveline exit site1
Use of dual antibiotics (vancomycin and cefazolin) postoperatively1
PostoperativeAfter initial driveline dressing change (48 hours post implant), dressing changes to occur Monday, Wednesday and Friday1
Delay in showering for 10 days postoperatively1
Dietitian counselling with the patient about obesity, weight gain and risk of DLI occurrence1
Social work counselling about patient-specific barriers to driveline dressing changes1
PredischargeComprehensive patient/caregiver teaching of driveline management including:
  • Routine care of driveline

  • Proper positioning to prevent pull at the exit site

  • Tips to prevent DLIs

  • Signs and symptoms of DLIs

  • How to notify VAD Coordinators if signs/symptoms are present

Driveline dressing brochure and infographic pamphlets given to the patient/caregiver1
Driveline dressing video watched at two separate time-points2
Driveline dressing done by patient/caregiver at two separate time-points2
Driveline dressing quiz completed at two separate time-points2
Total score17
  • CP, care pathway; DLI, driveline infection; VAD, ventricular assist device.