Table 1

Infant characteristics and outcomes (n=14)

Infant characteristic or Outcome
Sex (male), n(%)7 (50)
Age at birth (week +days/7), mean (range)32.17 (24.57–35.71)
Body weight at birth (kg), mean (range)1.91 (1.07–2.82)
Length of stay (days), mean (range)25 (8–78)
Length of Stay reduction, mean (range)15.43 (5-42)
Required CPAP or Intubation, n(%)9 (64.29)
%PO at discharge, mean (range)55.03 (25.70–75.00)
Duration of home NG tube use (days), mean (range)13.43 (3-40)
Absolute growth (kg), (weight at 48 weeks—birth weight), mean (range)3.22 (1.36–4.14)
Relative growth (weight at 48 weeks/birth weight), mean (range)2.69 (1.50–4.85)
  • CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; NG, nasogastric; PO, by mouth.