Table 1

Timeline of project interventions

Information provisionInformation disseminationAccessing screening
February 2018Literature search.
Gathered relevant documentation.
March 2018Meetings with midwifery leaders regarding project and their ideas for promoting cervical screening.
April 2018Survey sent out to cohort of women who had attended antenatal classes and were currently postnatal.
May 2018Creation of tear-off slip for colposcopy results letter.
HANDiApp information created.
June 2018Creation of flow chart and midwifery letter.Colposcopy clinic results letters altered to include tear-off slip.Colposcopy clinic results letter highlights the date next screening invite will occur and contact details if pregnant when due.
July 2018Adaptation of flow chart and midwifery letter.
August 2018Adaptation of flow chart and midwifery letter.
September 2018Survey results generated from cohort of women who had attended antenatal preparation classes.
Final versions of flow chart and midwifery letter.
Commenced teaching sessions for maternity staff.
GP education lead contacted to disseminate to practices in locality.
October 2018Discussion with lead midwife for digital transformation about how software system could be adjusted to incorporate prompts for cervical screening.
November 2018Virtual meeting with PHE South West to discuss progress and identify areas for further work.
Guideline for managing cervical abnormalities in pregnancy and postnatally created.
December 2018HANDiApp information went online.
Meeting with local GP practice championing the work.
Encourage use of HANDiApp through midwifery promotion.
GP education day on gynaecological cancers.
Production of individualised reminder letter from the practice annually.
Contact chamber of commerce highlighting ‘time to test’ campaign to allow employees to access screening appointments during working hours.
January 2019Cervical cancer prevention week—advertisement stand in hospital and posters throughout relevant departments.
February 2019Created recordings of patient story ready for social media.
March 2019Social media campaign launched to coincide with PHE national campaign.
  • GP, general practitioner; PHE, Public Health England.