Table 1

Overview of healthcare interventions applied at Gentofte Hospital in the intervention period (March 2018–October 2018) and thereafter

Implemented in the intervention periodMaintained after the intervention period
Technical Interventions
 Repeated hands-on training in tracheal suction for physiciansxx
 Repeated hands-on training in sputum induction by nursesxx
Non-technical interventions, educational activities
 Repeated education of physicians at the relevant departmentsx
 Repeated education of nurses at the relevant departmentsx
 Personal feedback to physicians via emailx
Non-technical interventions, educational material
 Standardised PowerPoint presentations on CAPx
 Regular newsletter distributionx
 Pocket cards on CAPxx
 Posters on guideline-based CAP treatment at the departmentsxx
Process improvements
 Authorising triage nurses to order chest X-raysxx
 Authorising triage nurses to order LRTSxx
 MCS and PCR for atypical bacteria analysed using the same LRTSxx
 CURB-65 as a standard phrase in the EHRSxx
 Order sets for CAP in the EHRSxx
  • CAP, community-acquired pneumonia; CURB-65, confusion, urea, respiratory rate, blood pressure, age ≥65; EHRS, electronic health record system; LRTS, lower respiratory tract sample; MCS, microscopy, culture, sensitivity.