Table 2

Characteristics of liver and kidney transplant recipients post-intervention

Type of transplantType of DMMean number of days in hospital (SD)Mean number of post-operative days with hyperglycaemia before endocrine consult (SD)Mean number of days between admission and endocrine consultation (SD)
Kidney (13)T1DM=110.3 (5.6)1.5 (1.1)3.6 (2.1)
Other DM=1
Liver or combined liver kidney (5)T2DM=516.2 (8.8)1.8 (1.5)6 (0.7)
Total (18)T1DM=111.9 (6.9)1.6 (1.2)4.3 (2.1)
Other DM=1
  • T1DM, type 1 diabetes mellitus.