Table 3

Attending physician pre-intervention and post-intervention survey on postgraduate clinical work effectiveness

QuestionResponseNumber of responses before intervention (n=8)Number of responses after intervention (n=8)
Postgraduate roles are well spelt outStrongly agree04
Somewhat agree43
Neither agree nor disagree01
Somewhat disagree20
Strongly disagree20
Postgraduate students have enough time for patient careStrongly agree05
Somewhat agree12
Neither agree nor disagree11
Somewhat disagree20
Strongly disagree40
On ward rounds, postgraduate students are up to date with the patients’ statusStrongly agree02
Somewhat agree04
Neither agree nor disagree12
Somewhat disagree10
Strongly disagree60
The current system allows me to properly evaluate postgraduate studentsStrongly agree01
Somewhat agree45
Neither agree nor disagree32
Somewhat disagree10
Strongly disagree00
There is need for ward round restructuring and standardisation to enhance post graduate learningStrongly agree64
Somewhat agree23
Neither agree nor disagree01
Somewhat disagree00
Strongly disagree00
  • The same attending physicians were sampled in the pre-intervention and post-intervention survey.