Table 1

Score on the outcome measures for the five first-year postgraduate students pre-intervention and post-intervention

Outcome measureBefore interventionAfter intervention
Number of postgraduate students followed up*55
Number of follow-up days1010
Cumulative number of postgraduate ward round observation days†5050
Number of ward rounds missed during observation, N (%)10 (20)3 (6)
Number of ward rounds attending physicians were present, N (%)26 (52)24 (48)
Number of ward rounds that postgraduate students arrived on ward before the attending physician, N (%)5 (19.2)18 (75)
Time in minutes spent on ward by postgraduate students to prepare for ward rounds before attending physician arrival, mean (SD)30 (31.5)59.4 (50.3)
Number of postgraduates per arrival time for ward rounds, N (%)N=40‡N=47‡
06:00–07:00 hours00
07:01–08:00 hours00
08:01–09:00 hours019 (40.4)
09:01–10:00 hours24 (60)25 (53.2)
10:01–11:00 hours11 (27.5)1 (2.1)
11:01–12:00 hours5 (12.5)2 (4.3)
  • *The same postgraduates (first year) were followed up before and after intervention.

  • †Total number of days postgraduate students were being observed for data collection.

  • ‡N=number of ward rounds attended by postgraduate students out of the 50 cumulative total number of ward round days.