Table 1

Characteristics of liver and kidney transplant recipients pre-intervention

Type of transplantType of DMMean number of days in hospital (SD)Mean number of days in hyperglycaemia before endocrine consultation (SD)Mean number of days between admission and endocrine consultation (SD)
Kidney (13)T1DM=112.5 (7.1)3.8 (2.4)4.6 (2.3)
Other DM=3
Liver or simultaneous liver and kidney (8)T2DM=438.3 (30.7)4.6 (2.5)20.5 (17.1)
Other DM=4
Total (21)T1DM=122.3 (22.9)4.1 (2.4)10.6 (13.0)
Other DM=7
  • T1DM, type 1 diabetes mellitus.