Table 2

Postgraduate pre-intervention and post-intervention survey responses on clinical work effectiveness and ward round format

QuestionResponseNumber of respondents before intervention (n=17)Number of respondents after intervention
My roles as a postgraduate student are well spelt outStrongly agree63
Somewhat agree78
Neither agree nor disagree13
Somewhat disagree33
Strongly disagree00
I have enough time for patient careStrongly agree214
Somewhat agree03
Neither agree nor disagree10
Somewhat disagree80
Strongly disagree60
On ward rounds, I am up to date with the patients’ statusStrongly agree18
Somewhat agree77
Neither agree nor disagree52
Somewhat disagree30
Strongly disagree10
The current system allows me to properly evaluate medical students and intern doctorsStrongly agree22
Somewhat agree18
Neither agree nor disagree13
Somewhat disagree82
Strongly disagree52
There is need for ward round restructuring and standardisation to enhance postgraduate learningStrongly agree1415
Somewhat agree32
Neither agree nor disagree00
Somewhat disagree00
Strongly disagree00
  • The same postgraduates were sampled in the pre-intervention and post-intervention survey.