Table 1

Summary of data of all patients before and after institution of educational meetings and Trauma Guide app

All data
January 2017–June 2020
January 2017–June 2018
Educational meetings/algorithm
July 2018–June 2020
Comparison test
Patients, N1174869
Male sex (%)72 (62)25 (52)47 (68)χ2=0, p=1
Median age (years) (range)59 (18–93)62 (23–92)58 (18–93)Mann-Whitney U
W=1900, p=0.2, r=0.1
Median time to tracheostomy (days) (range)10 (1–57)14 (4–57)8 (1–32)Mann-Whitney U
W=2268, p≤0.001, r=0.31
Hospital LOS (days) (range)28 (10–165)38 (13–116)24 (10–165)Mann-Whitney U
W=2334, p<0.001, r=0.35
VAP (%)50 (43)19 (40)31 (45)χ2=1.7, p=0
Bleeding complication (%)4 (3)1 (2)3 (4)Fisher’s, p=0.06
  • Data were compared by Mann-Whitney U tests (numerical), χ2 (categorical, expected values ≥5) and two-sided Fisher’s exact tests (categorical, expected values <5).

  • *All patients were assigned male or female sex at birth.

  • LOS, length of stay; VAP, ventilator-associated pneumonia.