Table 1

Self-reported outcomes assessed at 2 weeks post-delivery

Healthy behavioursBaby exclusively breastfeed in the past 24 hours[Yes] If family reported only feeding breastmilk in the previous 24 hours
[No] If family reported feeding anything else
Proper umbilical cord care (nothing on cord) since birth[Yes] If family applied nothing or only ointment/powder provided by doctor
[No] For all other situations
Home practice of skin-to-skin care for any duration as described by baby without clothes (with/without diaper) being placed prone on the mother’s bare chest[Yes] If family reported being aware of skin-to-skin care and any member practicing it with the baby at home
[No] If the family was not aware or had not practiced it at home
Handwashing as measured by use of soap[Yes] If family reported (unprompted) using soap when washing their hands
[No] Does not use soap
Unrestricted maternal diet (no restriction of specific foods, no restriction on total quantity of food or water)[Yes] If the mother had not restricted either food or water after delivery
[No] If the mother had decreased either food or water
ComplicationsMother complication[Yes] If mother reported any of the following:
  • Fever Pus or redness from the caesarean section site or vaginal episiotomy area

  • Swelling or pain in the breast

[No] For all other situations
Baby complication[Yes] If baby experienced any of the following:
  • Fever, cough

  • Umbilical problem (pus or redness)

  • Sustained inactivity or inconsolable crying or refusal to feed

[No] For all other situations
Healthcare seekingBaby ever readmitted to hospital post-discharge[Yes] [No]
Baby ever taken to a clinic or hospital for outpatient visit[Yes] [No]