Table 2

Summary of interventions in initial phase

KMC recordIndividual patient data sheet with demographic and clinical data for 15 daysThe on-duty nurse recorded the data daily morning for 7 days, asking the motherExcess data increased the burden. Hence, we realised need for eliminating waste and minimal, concise recordsAbandoned individual patient datasheets. And tried a single book
Single book record over 7 daysOn duty nurse morning, evening and night shift recorded KMC hours in the specified format for 7 days
  • Fasible in all three shifts.

  • Format required multiple modifications

Merged existing books to eliminate multiple entries
KMC trainingSensitisation of healthcare worker in morning shift over 1 weekThe team leader conducted a lecture for 20 min in the local dialect for 1 dayOral session for healthcare worker did not address their apprehension, and we realised necessity of hands-on training with mothersAdapted
Audio-visual session followed by a hands-on demonstration in morning shift over 1 weekThe team leader, nurse in-charge, senior nurse conducted session for 15 min and explaining KMC position and advantages with hands-on for 10 min in the morning shiftIt increased mother and healthcare worker confidence in delivering KMC.
Learning by doing is more effective. This increased KMC, but the mother reported discomfort in the chair
Adopted. Sessions continued by senior staff
  • KMC, Kangaroo Mother Care; PDSA, Plan-Do-Study-Act.