Table 1

Aggregate participant characteristics for qualitative interviews

 Asian, non-Hispanic524%
 Black, non-Hispanic210%
 White, non-Hispanic1257%
Practice type
 General paediatrician1257%
 Paediatric specialist838%
 Paediatric hospitalist15%
Primary practice setting
 Academic hospital15%
 Children’s hospital733%
 Federally qualified health centre (for low-income patients)210%
 Multispecialty practice210%
 Paediatric group practice (3+)629%
 Solo or two-physician practice314%
Percentage of Medicaid/Children’s Health Insurance Program enrolled children in their practice
 More than 50%1362%
PIM completion
PIM satisfaction (as preclassified by the ABP data)
Years since residency
 1–10 years1152%
 11 or more years1048%
  • ABP, American Board of Pediatric; PIM, performance improvement module.