Table 1

'COVID-19 Care Package’ contents

Sufficient training in new job roleWell-being resources provided for trainees during redeployment period
Clear job duties in a standardised induction programmeWeekly team meet on Zoom with parent team to troubleshoot issues/adverse events
Teaching and training in new job role as part of standardised induction programmeAssigned parent team consultant first point of contact
Assigned supervisor and who to contact for helpEstablished junior doctor Whatsapp group open for discussion regarding experiences in jobs/personal life
Appropriate escalation structure/strategies in place24-hour employee mental health helpline—6 sessions of counselling offered if appropriate following initial assessment
Rota plan allowing adequate rest between shiftsSuggestions for home anxiety/stress-alleviating exercises
Correct equipment and uniform provided including personal protective equipment (PPE)Free Calm/Headspace smart phone applications access
Direct contact numbers provided for senior colleagues/consultantsEncouraging social media contact with friend and family